At RDI, we believe in winning smart by providing customized, yet highly strategic solutions. We believe in teamwork, which is why our family of companies is a mix of cognizant, strategic, resilient, and passionate individuals, each with a unique skill set that contributes to the end goal: Winning.
RDI offers solutions for all your business needs and we’ve got the players to get it done. From digital marketing to call center services, research and development to IT support, RDI is equipped with the tools you need to solve even the biggest challenges.
Our family of award-winning brands, RDI/A Digital, RDI Intuitive Technical, SIRS, and RDI Connect, are unique in that they are not only capable of understanding shifts in individual industries and trends, but can also be used in tandem with each other. Because of that, we can solve any problem, overturn any roadblock, and get you to where you need to be.
RDI is committed to developing great people by providing an environment of support for the lives and careers of our employees- starting from the beginning with on boarding, throughout training, ongoing coaching, and continued career advancement. Collectively, we can optimize performance potential, earning opportunities, employee retention, customer relationship, and work/life balance.
In other words, we are a TEAM. Our business is your business. Together we can Earn Well, Learn Well & Live Well.