Enerfab has over 120 years of experience, offering fabrication and construction capabilities to a wide variety of customers for the chemical, food & beverage, oil & gas, heavy industrial and power industries. Founded in 1901, our company began making sealants and lacquers — including a patented formula for brewer’s pitch — for beer tanks and vessels. Over the last century, our expanded capabilities, project experience, safety record, and commitment to quality have made Enerfab one of the industry leaders in shop fabrication, field erection and construction and maintenance services.

Essentially, our business is made up of two parts. We have the fabrication side of the business, which fabricates large, custom pressure vessels out of steel for specific processes for the chemical, oil & gas, food & beverage and other similar industries requiring this type of equipment. The second part of the business is our construction and maintenance division – this group focuses on working out in the field on our customer’s plants and jobsites to perform construction services at their facilities. Over the years, we have performed a wide variety of construction services on power plants and heavy industrial plants.