Frame USA Inc:
Frame USA Inc. is a business that specializes in the manufacturing and selling of picture frames that display products for art and imagery.  Our job is to offer a wide variety of attractive and affordable framing options to the consumer at all levels of the marketplace.  We will have strong sales channels to the corporate market, wholesale accounts, and individual customers around the world.  Our goal is to offer products that all consumers can use to highlight and show off their own personal tastes and styles.
We are two separate companies that complement each other in many different ways, and together offer the consumer a limitless supply of quality, fun, and beautiful products to choose from. Combined we are a Raving Fan machine that is on the move and will be for years to come.
Posterservice Inc:
Posterservice Inc. is a business that specializes in images, art, design, and fun.  We are a company of visually appealing, products and a large percentage of our revenue comes through the licensing of images.  We sell and market to a variety of customers at all levels of the industry.  We sell our products through the Internet, direct to retail outlets, to wholesale accounts and other distributors and through our own retail business.  Our goal is to offer the best overall selection of products and offer them in a way that mixes fun, quality of service, and pricing that stands alone in the marketplace.