Since 1976, we have been listening to our customers’ dreams and carving out impeccable landscape environments. Our team-oriented staff, through thoughtful planning and design, brings each project through to its delightful conclusion. When he started the firm that carries his name, J.R. Thomas knew two things for sure: top notch landscaping and personalized service that is a cut above the rest. New landscaping trends and technologies have come over the decades, yet these are still our guiding philosophies.

“The most discriminating eye is mine,” says J.R. “I put everything under a magnifying glass…I enjoy working with my hands, I enjoy working with people. When I walk the property with a homeowner, my mind is going a million miles, but I’m there to listen, to find out about their needs, their desires. At the end of the day, the greatest satisfaction is having been given another chance to do what we do. To know we’ve listened, spoken to and worked with people to the best of our capacity…that makes for a great day.”

We believe in earning every project and enjoy being challenged in every aspect, from the intense physical labor to the variety of materials used to the fine details of the installation and maintenance; having the opportunity to work on someone’s home is a trust that we dare not take for granted. A family-owned business based in Loveland, Ohio, we have had the honor of attracting dedicated employees over the years who have stayed with us and used their talents to solidify our foundation and add to our growth.