JBK Manufacturing was founded in 1981 as a supplier of precision CNC machined parts and fabrications. Early on, the JBK commitment to quality and delivery was noticed by customers, and in 1987, the company was awarded a contract to manufacture lubrication jets for the innovative V-22 aircraft transmission. A supplier relationship that began with just one oil jet for a single platform quickly expanded to include the development and manufacture of close-tolerance, CNC machined parts for multiple aerospace customers.

By 1995, JBK’s customer base had expanded to include a host of commercial and industrial markets. Since the beginning, JBK has seen many changes – new technology, expanded capabilities, and increased capacity. JBK is now a Tier I supplier to multiple aerospace customers and serves a host of customers in defense, energy, oil, and paper industries. The one thing that has not changed since the beginning is our unwavering commitment to quality and delivery.