The Andrews Marketing Group’s (AMG) core business is base on an Affiliation with the Lifestyle Holidays Resort and Vacation Club In Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. The AMG, LLC does business as NextLevel Vacations (NLV) a wholesale vacation supplier. NLV has access to “available” timeshare and hotel inventory at a fixed and predictable price. NLV then establishes the company’s sale price with an acceptable variable margin to be able to market and promote to multiple distribution channels.
The company sells resort styled timeshare vacations from a typical hotel room up to a set of high-end luxury private villas. We have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 bedroom private villas. Our highest value offers for the luxury collection are located in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic but resort condos and villas are available globally.
Vacations are supplied at wholesale and less than market prices through 7 distribution channels.

  1. Direct to Consumers – NLV is an alternative land based vacation supplier for anyone seeking a resort condo styled vacation. This includes the increasingly popular and high value all-inclusive vacation.
  2. Travel Agents – we market and promote to travel agents where we develop partnerships and pay commission. We primarily target home based agents where we can add value and become a significant part of their business plan.
  3. Business Incentive and Rewards Programs – We supply vacations to companies interested in offering vacations as part of any recognition and rewards program.
  4. Vacation Clubs – We don’t pre-purchase inventory and then hope that we can sell it. As a result of this strategic choice, we don’t offer on-online booking. Supplying Vacation Clubs with vacations based on availability is an emerging distribution channel.
  5. Travel Groups – Group travel is a significant growth opportunity particularly with women. With our ability to access large units such as villas and multiple units we can meet the needs of travel groups of all kinds.
  6. Caribbean Event Production – The Memorial Day Getaway is an annual festival styled event located in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. NextLevel Vacations and the Memorial Day Getaway hosts over 1500 guests each May. The 2019 event will be our 11thAnnual Memorial Day Getaway. We have sold out the resort the last 6 years.
  7. Consignment Vacations for Non-Profits – The owner of the Andrews Marketing Group is an avid supporter of charities. This includes serving on multiple boards. This has driven our desire to help charities and non-profits raise much needed funds. Vacations are provided for fundraisers at no up-front budget costs. If and only if a vacation sells through silent auction, live auction or raffle, does the non-profit pay a favorable administrative reserve cost. The organization sets the minimum bid and keeps all proceeds above the administrative reserve cost.

The company does benefit financially from the purchase of memberships through its Affiliation with the Lifestyle Holiday Resort and Vacation Club. This benefit is derived from vacation sales to consumers who visit our locations in the Dominican Republic and Mexico and become members of the club during their visit. However, they are not required to attend a presentation during their stay. The vacation club does have a recruiting team that makes sure every guest has an opportunity to learn more about the vacation club opportunity.
The Andrews Marketing Group, LLC continues to seek opportunities to partner with other products and organizations that fit with its core business strengths and channel focus. This includes partnering with local businesses and educational institutions.