Osborne Coinage
In 1835 . . .The United States public debt was $0 for the only time in history . . . The first assassination attempt against a United States President (Andrew Jackson) took place . . . The Great Fire of New York destroyed 800 buildings (including the New York Stock Exchange) AND there was not much faith in US Currency which led to the founding of a private mint called Z. Bisbee Co. – which eventually became  The Osborne Coinage Company – America’s Oldest Private Mint.
The company was established in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, OH and 179 years later, the organization’s headquarters is just a few miles from the original site. The Osborne Coinage Company holds the designation of America’s Oldest Private mint as the organization adapts and innovates with the changing market place.
We pride ourselves in being an unusually good place to work and have a career. We have achieved this status through our common values, relationships with each other, our continued learning, and professional opportunities created developing new products for a growing business.