Family owned and operated since 1959, Osborne Trucking is a longstanding staple of the transportation industry. Based out of the Cincinnati, Ohio area, Osborne provides trucking for a wide array of clients within approximately a 600 mile radius of their terminal.As a fleet, we operate equipment that any driver would be proud to drive. Mostly Kenworth tractors, we believe in specing a truck that not only has state of the art safety equipment and driver comfort amenities on it, but also looks great going down the road. In 2017 Osborne actually won the CCJ Magazine award for the Flashiest Fleet in North America.Beyond great equipment, Osborne is a company that cares about each driver as individual. A place where no one is a number, but is a person with a family and a life outside of the truck. Our management team works tirelessly to make sure our drivers are able to safely and effectively balance the demands of our customers with those of their personal lives. With that Family First mindset, Osborne has many drivers who have decided to call Osborne home for many years, with our most senior driver dedicating nearly four decades to Osborne.