We help specialty practices get back to the business of healthcare.

You might not think your IT decisions have much to do with your patients’ care – but they absolutely do. Our skilled team helps physicians and staff seize the opportunities offered by technology to improve patient care and grow their practices.

Since 2002, our IT Services group has been trouble-shooting, architecting, migrating, protecting and securing the IT environments for physician practices across the country.

We’ve worked with every EHR on the market, networked and supported all types of peripheral devices including those used for specialty care. Not everyone can say this, but we can: We are solely focused on healthcare IT.  And, when you have confidence in your healthcare IT, you have more time to focus on your patients.

Our Patient Scheduling services grew out of the realization that patients today choose healthcare with a consumer mindset. We’ve built solutions to streamline the patient scheduling experience, improving the speed, accuracy, consistency of the interaction, so you have more time to focus on your patients.