We’re a neighborly oleochemical supplier with global reach.

From our offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, Peter Cremer North America coordinates manufacturing, sourcing, storage, processing, packaging, shipping, and delivery. This long list of services is tightly focused on oleochemicals, allowing us to offer a rare depth of expertise that’s an equal match to our wide range of oleochemical offerings: fatty alcohols, fatty acids, biodiesel, esters, glycerin, and care products.

Our organization was established in 1999 as a part of CREMER, based in Hamburg, Germany. CREMER is a cooperative group of companies spanning Asia, Europe and North America, offering a broad range of products and services designed to help business partners prosper while sustaining our world.

Since opening our doors for business, Peter Cremer North America has been located in Cincinnati, Ohio. With equally strong ties to local and global communities, we bring worldwide resources and human warmth to every working relationship. Innovation, reliability, entrepreneurship and flexibility are the cornerstones of our approach to business, and the reason we’re able to forge close, mutually beneficial working partnerships.

You may have noticed our company name is often shortened to the initials PCNA. We welcome this familiarity, and have adopted these initials to identify ourselves both inside and outside company walls. We take pride in our approachable, people-minded practice of scientific and international logistics expertise. It’s why our services are flexible and customizable, and why our products are designed to enhance business success while also improving the lives of consumers.