Phoenix Services LLC provides responsive world-class service to steel producers around the globe. Core services include slag handling utilizing slag pot carriers or the traditional slag pit digging with front-end loaders; the recovery and sizing of scrap metal to our customer’s specification; and processing slag for use by our steel mill customer or marketing processed slag material for aggregate use.
A distinctive strength of Phoenix Services is the quality and productivity of our processing plants, which assures maximum metal recovery for return to our steel company customer and contributes to our expertise in marketing steel mill by-products, including slag, mill scale, refractory and residual metallics.
Additionally, we offer customized scrap handling and processing; charge box loading and transport; scrap upgrading; ladle and furnace refractory tear-out and tap-hole drilling; road sweeping and watering service for dust control; vacuum truck service throughout the plant; locomotive transport service; mobile equipment rental; ladle transport service; and a number of other services.