Systecon (West Chester, OH) is a leading manufacturer of custom modular utility solutions, including modular central plants, CritiChill® modular indirect evaporative cooling, modular pumping systems and central plant controls.
New system or retrofit, we provide customers with the most efficient and advanced utility solutions for their projects – custom designed, factory assembled, performance tested, and delivered to the worksite ready for installation. Systecon’s factory built systems offer less risk, shorter project schedules and improved quality compared to traditional field built systems.
And, we don’t just design and build the best quality systems. We also provide the best quality service for those systems. Systecon can manage the entire life cycle of your utility systems from design and assembly, to installation and maintenance, as well as upgrades and retro fit.
We have markets across the U.S. and our work spans the globe with successful projects on five major continents. Our customers include owners, consulting engineers and general contractors.