Providing solutions for workforce challenges – One Employee at a time.
Who Are We?
With over 50 years of industry experience, The Kable Group, provides solutions for workforce challenges. Our core expertise includes recruiting for Industrial, Manufacturing, Professional and Engineering.
Cultivating relationships is the hallmark of The Kable Group, which we accomplish through excellent communication, customer service, dedication and hard work. While there are many options for your workforce needs, today’s workplace requires finding the right people with the right skills. We recruit experienced, qualified and motivated associates, which means our customers gain confident employees who will get the job done.
We are proud of our workforce diversity, as it allows us to engage and work within all communities. This assists our customers in building their workforce with qualified associates. Relationship building is in our DNA. Our customers can count on exceptional, reliable and consistent service. Our associates can expect to feel comfortable and at ease, which cultivates a loyal and valuable addition to your workforce.
Through our community engagement, skilled recruiters and industry leading knowledge we are drawing the attention of thousands throughout the Greater, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Columbus areas.
Set your company up for success!
Let The Kable Group create a strategic plan to fulfill your company’s workforce needs!!