The Shepherd Color Company is known as a leader in the color industry with the continuous improvement of technical applications and a history of innovation. Shepherd Color pigments are highly engineered ceramic colorants. They are impervious to sunlight, chemicals, and thermal attack. Our products can be found everywhere, from the non-stick surface of your favorite cookware to adding color and IR reflectivity to roofing and siding to help keep buildings cool.


We are a company of people who brighten the lives of those on whom our work has an impact, specifically, each other, our families, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, and our community. In turn, our lives are brightened.


We are seeking motivated and qualified individuals to work on the production floor taking responsibility for the operation of manufacturing equipment and performing tasks as needed under the direction a Production Supervisor. We expect all our production staff to perform work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. This is a team focused role with the opportunity to advance based on performance.