At Trucent, we believe there is a better way to maximize resource use and profitability. A way that does good for our Earth and improves the quality of business operations. Our focus is to develop and provide reliable fluid separation technologies, services, and chemistry, while continuously innovating to find new solutions to your challenges.

Our Story

Our story began in 1997 when we discovered a better way to reclaim the oils and metalworking fluids used in automotive manufacturing. Why continue to dump thousands of hazardous fluid gallons each day when we could purify those fluids as contaminants creep in and keep them running at their intended performance level indefinitely?

As we continued to learn and grow as an organization, we found that many different manufacturing processes were suffering from inefficiencies caused by unwanted liquid or solid contamination. So we continued to ask ourselves if there was a better way. We developed solutions for industries from automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing to solar glass fabrication and aerospace.