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Memory Care Coordinator – STNA

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
Thrive Memory Care at West Chester
February 20, 2018
West Chester, Ohio
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I.          TITLE OF JOB:                         Memory Care Coordinator


II.            REPORTS TO:              Director of Excitement


III.           HEADQUARTER:                   Community





It is required that  the  Memory Care Coordinator  holds  current  First Aid and  CPR certification. The Memory CareCoordinator must be a qualified professional who can encourage resident socialization, cognitive  awareness, self-expression, and  physical  activity in a planned and  structured activities program  designed  for the  MC residents  of the community.  The  Memory Care Coordinator  must annually attend at least six hours of continuing  education regarding Alzheimer’s disease  or related disorders.  Memory  Care  Coordinator  must  complete CARES  Dementia  Basics   &Advanced  Care (including essentiALZ and essentiALZ Plus) 10 modules, 10 hours at the time of hire.



It is preferred that  the  Memory Care Coordinator  has six months  experience  working in a nursing home, seniorhousing  community,   hospital, home  health  agency  or other  health  care facility. It is preferred the Memory CareProgram Director have experience  working with memory care/dementia patients in a healthcare setting.  The MemoryCare Coordinator  must  be able to develop  activities which  are  individualized, based  upon  resident  assessment, and appropriate for each  resident’s abilities. The Memory Care Coordinator must be a qualified professional who:


1.    Is  a qualified  therapeutic  recreation  specialist  or an activities professional  who  is eligible for certification as atherapeutic recreation specialist, therapeutic recreation assistant, or an activities professional by a recognized  accrediting body, such as the National Council for Activity Professionals, or the Consortium for TherapeuticRecreation/Activities Certification, Inc.; or


2.   Has two years of experience in a social or recreational program within the last five years, one year of which was full-time in an activities program in a health care setting; or


3.   Has completed an  activity director  training  course  approved by the  National  Association for


Activity Professionals or the National Therapeutic Recreation Society.



1.   Problem Solving: Identifies and  resolves problems  in a timely manner, gathering and  analyzing information to developalternative solutions both alone and with groups.

2.   Customer  Service:    Manages  difficult or  emotional   resident,  family member,  and  employee situations, respondingpromptly  to  their  request   for service  and  assistance,  while  soliciting feedback to improve service insuring thatcommitments are met.

3.   Interpersonal:  Focuses on solving conflict and not blaming.  Maintains confidentiality.  Listens to

other  without  interrupting and  keeps  emotions  under  control.   Remains open  to others’ ideas and tries new things.


4.   Oral Communication:  Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative  situations.  Listens carefully and getsclarification. Responds well to questions.

5.   Team Work:  Balances team and individual responsibilities, exhibiting objectivity and openness to others’ views.Contributes to building a positive team spirit.

6.   Planning  and  Time  Utilization:     Consistently  plans/coordinates  work  to  achieve  maximum

productivity  and  efficient  without  sacrificing quality, accuracy  and  customer  service.    Meets deadlines incompleting job assignments and special projects.

7.   Computer Skills: Literate in Word and Excel, as well as preferred skills in Outlook.

8.   Written Skills:   Writes clearly and  informatively;  edits  work for spelling  and  grammar;  present numerical dataeffectively; and is able to read and interpret  written information.



The duties and responsibilities of the Memory Care Program Coordinator include providing direct services (ADL’s) and/or health  care  to  residents  in an  assigned/specialized memory  care  unit/area under  the direction of the Health andWellness Director. Such services/care will be performed timely and accurately in accordance with federal, state  and localregulations  and current  acceptable policies, procedures and principles  relating  to  the  operation of  the  Community.  TheMemory  Care  Coordinator  encourages socialization, cognitive  awareness, self-expression, and  physical  activity in aplanned and  structured activities  program.  Activities  must   be   individualized,  based   upon   the   resident   assessment,  and appropriate for each resident’s abilities.



3.   Obtains vital signs when requested and records.

4.   Reports and documents pertinent information.  Prepares progress notes.

5.   Creates Activity Program containing a balanced  mixture of activities addressing cognitive, recreational, andactivity of daily living (ADL) needs.

6.   Cognitive activities include, but are not limited, to arts, crafts, storytelling, poetry readings, writing, music, reading,discussion, reminiscences, and reviews of current events.

7.   Recreational activities include all socially interactive activities, such as board games and cards, and physicalexercise. Pet Therapy is encouraged.

8.   Self-care ADLs include cleaning, dusting, cooking, gardening, and yard work. Residents must be allowed to performself-care ADLs as a long as they are able to promote independence and self- worth.

9.   Work with residents who choose not to participate in a large group activity will be provided at least one small groupor one-on-one activity per day.

10. Review each resident’s medical and social history, preferences, and dislikes, in determining

appropriate activities for the resident. Activities will be tailored to the residents’ unique requirements andskills.

11. On Weekdays, each resident must be offered a least one cognitive activity, two recreational activities and three ADLactivities each day. The cognitive and recreational activities (structured activities) must be at least 30 minutes induration, with a minimum of six and half hours of structured activities for the entire week.


12. Establish and assign at least an hour and a half of structured activities during the weekend to include at least onecognitive activity and one physical activity.

13. Establish a monthly activities schedule with assist from the Director of Excitement. Structured activities should occurat the same time and place each week to ensure a consistent routine within the Memory Care neighborhood.


14. Charts resident and family teaching when provided, concerning condition of illness, related needs, medications,etc.

15. Records supplies used on Daily Visit Report.

16. Attends client care conferences.

17. Encourages client and family participation  in activities of daily living to increase their independence and self-esteem.  Assists patient in learning self-help techniques.

18. Maintains a safe work area free from hazards of fire, spills, litter, chemicals and equipment.

Reports any problems to the Health and Wellness Director or Executive Director.

19. Respects the rights of clients and their family members.

20. Prepares and submits all paper work in a timely manner.

21. Assists in obtaining needed doctor signatures in a timely manner.

22. Checks medical supplies in the Community, reviews with client-needed items, such as medications,groceries; makes deliveries as needed.

23. Records supplies purchased and errands performed on Summary of Service sheet.

24. Practices infection control measures and techniques and uses universal precautions.

25. Practices efficient use of supplies, materials.  Safeguards the client's private property.

26. Respects the rights of clients and families.

27. Maintains confidentiality of all client's information and client's records.

28. Adheres to the Community’s dress code.

29. Accepts all job assignments and requests  to take call.

30. Conducts self in a professional manner at all times to reflect favorably upon the Community.

31. Attends all Community required training sessions to maintain professional competencies.

32. Performs other duties as assigned.



Job Requirements



The following job functions have been determined to be essential to the position. Management reserves the right tomodify this list and other functions as deemed necessary.

1. Provides services (ADL’s and Medication Supervision) in accordance with specific written orders from a physician andunder the supervision of an RN.

2. Records all services/care given and observations during the visit on appropriate forms or POC


3. Obtains vital signs when requested and records.

4. Reports and documents pertinent information. Prepares progress notes.

5. Creates Activity Program containing a balanced mixture of activities addressing cognitive, recreational, andactivity of daily living (ADL) needs.

6. Cognitive activities include, but are not limited, to arts, crafts, storytelling, poetry readings, writing, music, reading,discussion, reminiscences, and reviews of current events.

7. Recreational activities include all socially interactive activities, such as board games and cards, and physicalexercise. Pet Therapy is encouraged.

8. Self-care ADLs include cleaning, dusting, cooking, gardening, and yard work. Residents must be allowed to performself-care ADLs as a long as they are able to promote independence and self- worth.

9. Work with residents who choose not to participate in a large group activity will be provided at least one small groupor one-on-one activity per day.

10. Review each resident’s medical and social history, preferences, and dislikes, in determining

appropriate activities for the resident. Activities will be tailored to the residents’ unique requirements andskills.

11. On Weekdays, each resident must be offered a least one cognitive activity, two recreational activities and three ADLactivities each day. The cognitive and recreational activities (structured activities) must be at least 30 minutes induration, with a minimum of six and half hours of structured activities for the entire week.

12. Establish and assign at least an hour and a half of structured activities during the weekend to include at least onecognitive activity and one physical activity.

13. Establish a monthly activities schedule with assist from the Director of Excitement. Structured activities should occurat the same time and place each week to ensure a consistent routine within the Memory Care neighborhood.

14. Charts resident and family teaching when provided, concerning condition of illness, related needs, medications,etc.

15. Records supplies used on Daily Visit Report.

16. Attends client care conferences.

17. Encourages client and family participation in activities of daily living to increase their independence and self-esteem. Assists patient in learning self-help techniques.

18. Maintains a safe work area free from hazards of fire, spills, litter, chemicals and equipment.

Reports any problems to the Health and Wellness Director or Executive Director.

19. Respects the rights of clients and their family members.

20. Prepares and submits all paper work in a timely manner.

21. Assists in obtaining needed doctor signatures in a timely manner.

22. Checks medical supplies in the Community, reviews with client-needed items, such as medications,groceries; makes deliveries as needed.

23. Records supplies purchased and errands performed on Summary of Service sheet.

24. Practices infection control measures and techniques and uses universal precautions.

25. Practices efficient use of supplies, materials. Safeguards the client's private property.

26. Respects the rights of clients and families.

27. Maintains confidentiality of all client's information and client's records.

28. Adheres to the Community’s dress code.

29. Accepts all job assignments and requests to take call.

30. Conducts self in a professional manner at all times to reflect favorably upon the Community.

31. Attends all Community required training sessions to maintain professional competencies.

32. Performs other duties as assigned.


The following is a list of the principal equipment, materials, machines, tools, etc., used by the employee.

Bedside commodes, bedpans, urinals

Back Support Belt

Bed and bath lines


Geri chairs

Gait belts

Lift chairs

Safety restraints


Electric Shavers

Shower chairs

Special eatingutensils

Soap and hygiene supplies



Other miscellaneous devises/ nursingsupplies



Blood pressure cuffs/sphygmomanometers


Wrist watches


Frequent body movements include, lifting, moving, transferring, bending (static forward bending), stooping/squatting andreaching. Able to do heavy lifting, pushing, pulling and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 50 pounds unassisted withtwisting and turning or trunk. Ability to stand and walk for prolonged periods of time.


Because the essential functions of the job may require general involvement in a health care facility, including but notlimited to exposure to AIDS, HIV and Hepatitis B viruses involving Risk Classification

Categories 2 and 3, environmental and safety conditions will fluctuate. To be qualified for the position, a person will have theability to work in this type of environment without posing a direct threat to self or others.

How to Apply

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